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THE MAGNA CARTA PLAYS – A Salisbury Playhouse World Premiere, from 22 October – 7 November 2015

Four short plays from four renowned playwrights. Featuring plays from The Agency’s Timberlake Wertenbaker and Sally Woodcock, as well as Howard Brenton and Anders Lustgarten.

by Howard Brenton

“In the sleepy Cathedral City of Melchester, a crime has been committed. The Cathedral’s prize possession, a copy of the original Magna Carta, has been stolen in a daring heist. Who is responsible and what price will the British Government be prepared to pay for the document’s safe return? As the plot thickens, Detective Inspector Ellie Baxter seeks to find the truth in this brilliant new Magna Carta comedy.

by Anders Lustgarten

“Ten years after the signing of Magna Carta, the barons’ takeover isn’t quite going to plan. With the peasants grumbling about enormous castles and broken promises, the threat of rebellion hangs in the air. Perhaps the solution is to distract and deflect by bringing the confused and humbled king back into the fold? What about a royal wedding?  A royal baby?  All at the common man’s expense, of course…  A fictional story from the 13th century that may just be about now.

by Timberlake Wertenbaker

“In 1215, when the King of England abuses his extraordinary power, the barons’ take action.

In 2015, when the kings of global business and finance abuse their extraordinary power, who will take action and what will confrontation look like? In the decades that follow, what will remain of the values we hold most dear? A gripping drama about the consequences of confronting power on a global scale.

by Sally Woodcock

“In 21st century Africa, a visionary President stands on the cusp of greatness. With international investors poised to develop large tracks of land, the financial future looks bright. But why has it been raining for 97 days, and who is leading the angry mob in the streets outside? A compelling contemporary allegory throwing light on the oft overlooked companion to Magna Carta, The Charter of the Forest.

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