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THE OCKERBYS ON ICE opening 30th September at The Dukes

How far would you go to be with the one you love?

Viv and Dennis Ockerby would feel more at home in their slippers watching Cash in the Attic than in a laboratory at the cutting edge of science and medical ethics, yet here they are. This ordinary couple have won a shot at immortality, but how does it feel to contemplate a second chance at life? To visualise a distant future with them in it? Or the alternative: to have to say goodbye.

“It’s the ‘till death do us part’ thing. There’ll be forms. Questions. ‘Married, separated, divorced, widowed’. You get it everywhere. I’ve never seen ‘husband frozen’.” – Viv Ockerby

Coronation Street writer Debbie Oates skilfully guides you on a funny, heart-warming journey through the icy world of cryonic freezing. A world Dennis and Viv barely understand, let alone thought they’d ever be a part of.
But as Dennis marches towards his destiny, Viv stumbles: is this really what people are doing nowadays? And what if the future doesn’t want them?

Audience reactions to The Ockerbys On Ice read through:

“I sobbed and laughed (sometimes at the same time) all the way through!”

“The most thought-provoking play I’ve seen in years – it will have everyone gripped”

“It had me gripped from the start…I laughed and cried, it wrung every bit of emotion from me”

“Devastatingly beautiful”

By Debbie Oates | Directed by Joe Sumsion | Designed by Alison Heffernan Music & Sound by Mark Melville