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Watch Destiny Ekaragha’s episodes of END OF THE F***ING WORLD S2 out on Netflix and C4 now!


Don’t miss Destiny Ekargha’s episodes, 7 and 8, of END OF THE F***ING WORLD S2 out on Netflix and Channel 4 now.


‘Like the first series, this inhabits a highly stylised world that is not fixed in any time or place. It feels a little American, a little English, a bit 70s, a bit 90s. The cars and buildings are both glamorous and gloomy, much like the show itself. It is, however, always good-looking, and exquisite in its attention to the smaller points. There are lingering shots of food – a bloody burger, a hospital meal arranged carefully on a tidy tray. It is, at times, gorgeous, nowhere more so than in its details, from the cover of a philosophy book to the dusty wine bottles in the bar of a creepy hotel.’

Destiny Ekaragha

Published: 14th November 2019