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THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH, the debut non-fiction picture book from Mini Grey has been announced!

Mini Grey, previously a winner of the Kate Greenaway Medal for The Adventures Of The Dish and the Spoon (Red Fox Picture Books), takes a “completely original approach” to the history and evolution of life on earth. It includes “energetic illustrations” and fact-checking in collaboration with a natural history professor at Oxford University and a professor of geophysics at Royal Holloway University.  

The synopsis reads: “Here we are at 4.6 billion years ago, and as we raise the curtain . . . the story of life is about to begin! Take your seats for the entire history of Planet Earth as we take a whistle-stop tour from the birth of Earth, to the age of bacteria, the era of dinosaurs . . . to the moment of people (blink and you’ll miss it). Narrated by a friendly troop of insects and with mind-blowing, lively illustrations, this book will entertain and educate as we put on a show—the greatest show—the show of the evolution of life on Earth.” 

Puffin said: “We are proud to be Mini’s publisher—Mini is a unique picture book creator and the scope of this book blew us away. Her ambition to tackle 4.6 billion years of evolution in one picture book is astonishing and she has created a truly epic non-fiction book.”  

Grey added: “I wanted to tell the whole 4.6 billion years’ roller-coaster ride story of life on Earth in one book so my readers could see all of this amazing and incredible story. I wanted my readers to be able to see each piece of the story at a glance, but also be able to dive deeper in to discover the unfolding inventions of evolution. I hope this book can bring Earth’s whole story to young readers in the company of Rod the Roach and his insect Troupe.” 

The full Bookseller’s article can be found here.