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Estate of Monty Norman

About Estate of Monty Norman

Monty Norman was a British composer, musician and singer. A contributor to West End musicals in the 1950s and 1960s, he is best known for composing the “James Bond Theme”, first heard in the 1962 film Dr. No. He was an Ivor Novello Award and Olivier Award winner, and a Tony Award nominee.

Based on the novel by Kingsley Amis, written with Julian More

POPPY (Barbican Theatre) 1982/83
SWET (Laurence Olivier) Award. “Best Musical”. Ivor Novello Award Nomination. “Best Musical”

THE MOONY SHAPIRO SONGBOOK (Morosco Theater, New York) 1981
Written with Julian More

SONGBOOK (Globe Theatre) 1979 & 1981
Wriiten with Julian More Evening Standard Award. “Best Musical”. SWET (Laurence Olivier) Award. “Best Musical”. Ivor Novello Award. “Best Musical”. Tony Nomination. “Best Book in a Musical”

PINKUS (Cochrane Theatre, London) 1967
Written with Cecil P Taylor

BELLE or THE BALLAD OF DR CRIPPEN (Strand Theatre) 1961

THE ART OF LIVING (Criterion Theatre) 1960

MAKE ME AN OFFER (Albery Theatre) 1959
Evening Standard Award “Best Musical”

EXPRESSO BONGO (Saville Theatre) 1958
Written with Julian More, Wolf Mankovitz and David Heneker

IRMA LA DOUCE (Lyric Theatre) 1958
Tony Award Nomination “Best Musical” Music by Marguerite Monnot; Written with Alexandre Breffort, Julian More and David Heneker

CALL ME BWANA (Eon Productions) 1963
Theme song and part score

IRMA LA DOUCE (The Mirisch Corporation) 1963
Directed by Billy Wilder

Theme song

THE TWO FACES OF DOCTOR JEKYLL (Hammer Film Productions) 1960
Theme and score

DR NO (Eon Productions) 1962
Theme song and score. Special Ivor Novello Award (1976/77) for “James Bond Theme”

EXPRESSO BONGO (Val Guest Productions) 1959

BASCA Gold Badge Of Merit Award for Services To British Music