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Nick Denchfield

Author, Paper Engineer

    About Nick Denchfield

    Nick Denchfield is a well-known paper engineer and author responsible for the popular Charlie Chick series (Campbell Books, Macmillan) with over 20 books published in over 20 languages and over 4 million copies sold.

    Nick’s paper engineering now extends to over 70 titles, such as DINOUSAUR PARK, EXTREME ANIMALS, MAGICAL BEASTS, PIRATE SHIP and THE NUTCRACKER (Macmillan), and he has also collaborated with many authors including Julia Donaldson on a pop-up & play theatre edition of THE GRUFFALO (Macmillan).  

    Nick’s work has been published by Campbell Books, Macmillan, Bloomsbury, Scholastic and Horrible Histories. Nick’s work is also held in the Smithsonian Institution and has appeared in advertising campaigns, the West End, on TV and on Antiques Roadshow as a ‘Future Collectable’!