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FIRST LIGHT directed by Jonathan Munby at Chichester Festival Theatre

From 10th June to 2nd July, FIRST LIGHT will play at Chichester Festival Theatre, directed by Jonathan Munby. FIRST LIGHT is a new play by A new play by Mark Hayhurst. 

Tickets go on sale on 2nd March, from £20.

“July 1916. Albert Ingham and Alfred Longshaw are crouched in a muddy, rat-infested trench in France. These sharp and funny young soldiers from a battalion of the Manchester Pals are about to take part in one of the most savage assaults in the history of human warfare, The Battle of the Somme.

Their survival is a miracle. Their company has lost 600 men. Overwhelmed by the sheer horror of the experience, neither of them dare stare extinction in the face again. So, when they are ordered to transfer to the Machine Gun Corps and return to the blood-soaked front line, they decide, for the first time in their young lives, to take their fragile destiny in their own trembling hands.

But becoming a deserter, that most embarrassing and shameful sort of fighting man, takes more courage than they ever knew they had.”