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BECOMING ELIZABETH, Directed by Catherine Moorshead, lands to excellent reviews

The Agency is absolutely delighted to see that BECOMING ELIZABETH (The Forge/Starz) has been released and received an fantastic reception by critics and audiences. One Block the equivalent to two episodes of the series were directed by our fantastic director client Catherine Morshead.

The show picked up four stars ★★★★ by Jack Seale in The Guardian who wrote that:

“Becoming Elizabeth, created by Anya Reiss, is a historical drama that lives for those moments of motives unclear. Everyone is plotting at all times, often while joining us in trying to suss out someone else’s ambitions. Yes, it is yet another drama about the Tudors, but it is neither hysterically soapy nor primly reverential. Its heart is salty and black.”

“As with the start of any series, even one where introductions are barely necessary, Becoming Elizabeth takes a while to work up a head of steam. The dialogue contains quite a bit of idiot-board signposting – our daughter Jane, my sister Mary, your brother the King etc. Yet by episode three it has taken on a propulsive intensity, largely thanks to Anya Reiss’s sweaty, seamy, salty script, full of vomit and piss and cruelty. She injects high stakes and theatrical confrontation into almost every scene.” Writes Jasper Rees in The Telegraph who also gives it four stars ★★★★.

Caroline Framke in Variety wrote that “Becoming Elizabeth Finds a New (and Newly Disturbing) Way Into A Familiar Tudor Story”

Angie Han in The Hollywood reporter similarly writes “Becoming Elizabeth…turns a centuries-old tale into something both timeless and fresh”.