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CHARLIE CHICK visits the Madrid Book Fair!

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Creators of the popular Charlie Chick series, author/illustrator Ant Parker and paper engineer Nick Denchfield, travelled to the Madrid Book fair last week to celebrate all things Charlie Chick.

Already much loved in the UK, the adorable Charlie Chick pop-up books, translated in Spanish as El Pollo Pepe, have sold more than 2 million copies in Spain alone. As described in Ant and Nick’s recent interview with major Spanish newspaper El País, the original Charlie Chick book is on it’s way to its 33rd edition in Spain, and has also been translated into Catalan, Galician and Basque.

Credit Sergio Cuesta, SM

In recognition of Pollo Pepe’s popularity in Spain, Ant and Nick were invited to take part in this year’s Madrid Book Fair (hosted between 26th May to 11th June 2023). In association with Charlie Chick’s UK publisher Campbell, an imprint of Macmillan, and Spanish publisher SM, Ant and Nick took part in a series of events across the weekend, including book signings, interviews, readings and an interactive draw-along activity session at the Xanadú Mall, with members of the Spanish press there to capture and report on the fun, including an interview with Spanish newspaper ABC.

Credit Sergio Cuesta, SM
Credit Sergio Cuesta, SM

The Madrid Book Fair marked the first time Ant and Nick have travelled to Spain to meet fans of Charlie Chick/El Pollo Pepe, and we are delighted to see them receive such a warm reception from readers!

Credit Sergio Cuesta, SM

Ant and Nick collaborated on the popular Charlie Chick series along with Frankie Frog. Spin-off titles have followed including Charlie Chick’s Rainy Day, Charlie Chick Takes a Bath and Charlie Chick is Having a Party, with new titles coming soon!

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Published: 6th June 2023