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ENDGAME publishes 20 years after NOUGHTS & CROSSES

Today’s publication of ENDGAME, the remarkable final instalment of Malorie Blackman’s ground-breaking NOUGHTS & CROSSES series, marks 20 years since the first book was launched. The trailblazing series has seen more than 2 million copies sold, with each instalment reflecting global events, with the blazing new novel including references to the pandemic and a Nought Lives Matter Movement.

The series tells the story of the Hadleys and the McGregors in six novels and three novellas, which has inspired a radio play, two stage adaptations and a BBC TV series to date. The novels are set in Albion, an alternative Britain, where the protagonists struggle in a deeply segregated world. Originally meant to be a trilogy, Blackman wrote two further books, DOUBLE CROSS and CROSSFIRE in response to changing global events.

Now comes ENDGAME, the final explosive conclusion to the ground breaking story. Malorie has said, ‘When things are really dire, all you can hold on to is the hope that things will change. My books might not be happily-ever-after, but I do try for hopefully ever after.”

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