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Independent publisher Guppy Books has acquired YA verse novel ACTIVIST by Louisa Reid

Publisher Bella Pearson acquired world rights from Jessica Hare at The Agency. Activist is Reid’s third verse novel to be published by Guppy Books. It will be released in October 2022 in paperback for readers aged 14 and over.

Reid is the author of the YA verse novels Gloves Off, nominated for the Carnegie Medal, and Wrecked, which was selected for both the Read for Empathy collection and National Poetry Day. Her debut adult novel, The Poet, was published this year by Doubleday. 

Describing the inspiration behind the book, she said: “When survivors of rape culture began to tell their stories via the website, Everyone’s Invited, in June 2020, I – like many – was aghast. Rage is a powerful source of inspiration for me, and I channelled the anger that I was feeling into writing my latest verse novel Activist.

The title of the novel makes it clear that this isn’t a story about giving in. It’s a story about rising up. I sincerely hope that for any young person who’s been a victim of any sort of misogyny or sexual violence, for any young person who cares about the environment and the future of the planet and its people, then this book will resonate.”

In September Guppy Books will re-release Reid’s previous two verse novels with new covers illustrated by Yuzhen Cai.

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