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Kelly Jones and Billie Collins’ plays are recipients of the WGGB New Play Commission Scheme

The Writer’s Guild of Great Britain commissioned 18 plays, 2 of which are written by our talented clients.

Kelly Jones’ MY MOTHER’S FUNERAL, produced by Mercury Theatre has been commissioned.

MY MOTHER’S FUNERAL is about being a benefit class artist and the approach towards our trauma stories. Asking if death is unifying, why are we all not afforded the same dignity?

Billie Collins’ PEAK STUFF, produced by Thick Skin Theatre has also been commissioned.

PEAK STUFF is a lyrical, theatrical, multi-thread dive into young people’s relationship with stuff. In an age of fast fashion, planned obsolescence, NFTs, thrifting, hoarding, minimalism, retail therapy, climate crisis and click and collect – what does it actually mean to ‘own things’? When do we become consumers? How does our stuff define us? And do we know how to stop?