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Kieran Hurley’s new play ADULTS is announced for TravFest 23 as part of this Summer’s Edinburgh Fringe


Image: Mihaela Bodlovic & Serden Salih

Kieran Hurley‘s new play ADULTS has been announced for this year’s TravFest at the Traverse Theatre as part of Edinburgh Fringe this August.

“Everyone grows up thinking it’s the end of the world. The only difference is you lot think you’re special”

A black comedy full of unexpected tenderness, ADULTS, is the highly anticipated new play from Kieran Hurley, following his TravFest19 smash-hit Mouthpiece.

Amongst a raft of anonymous Air BnBs in Edinburgh’s New Town, thirty-something Zara is running her own business and trying to make her way in the world. A new client has just arrived, but her colleague is running late. Tensions are high.

Oh, and the business is a brothel, the client is her old teacher, and her colleague is having a panic about his fear of the inevitability of ageing.

They’re all convinced that they’re the most hard done by, and that the mess of a world that’s around them definitely isn’t their fault. But they soon discover that they have more in common than they first realised, and together might even be able to find some meaning in the modern madness.

Directed by Roxana Silbert, ADULTS explores the growing gulf between the generations, the futility of blame culture, and how we need to make things better for those who will come after us. (Source: Traverse Theatre).

Kieran Hurley is represented by Emily Hickman at The Agency.

Tickets are available for the show here.

Published: 30th May 2023