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LIFE OF PI receives wonderful press night reviews

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Written by LOLITA CHAKRABARTI, directed by MAX WEBSTER with Puppetry Direction by FINN CALDWELL, Life of Pi has received wonderful reviews following it’s press night yesterday. Variety commends Caldwell’s puppetry in their four-star review, as he “creates a nuanced and convincing fantasy world” and many other reviews are in awe by the sheer life of the puppets. Throughout the reviews, Max Webster’s directing is also notable! The Telegraph said that through Webster’s direction, “the action shifts, in a sublimely fluid fashion, between Pi’s hospital and his ody犀利士 ssey of peril which shades into surreal, inter-species friendship” in their four-star review. Importantly, four the adaptor and writer, MailOnline have said in their five-star review: “nor does Lolita Chakrabarti’s adaptation lose sight of the play’s spiritual quest” that is so pivotal to the plot of the original text.

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Published: 3rd December 2021