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Mark Gill’s Mashisa Fukase Biopic ‘Ravens’ Announced


Writer/Director犀利士 Mark Gill will be telling the story of legendary Japanese Masahisa Fukase in a new feature entitled ‘Ravens.

The film largely revolves around the relationship between Fukase and his then-wife Yoko, the former will be played Tadanobu Asano who has appeared in Marvel’s ‘Thor’ franchise, and the latter will be portrayed by an up and comer Kumi Takiuchi.

“On discovering Fukase’s work I was not only shocked at its raw power, craft, and sheer breadth but also at how little people knew of him compared to his contemporaries,” said Gill. “His life story is compelling and tragic, he was a deeply troubled man. But it was meeting Yoko that really settled my approach to the film. I very quickly came to realize that this should be as much Yoko’s story as Fukase’s.”

This will Gill’s second feature film following ‘England Is Mine’. Filming is set to begin in Japan in Spring 2022.

Published: 31st March 2021