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Pentabus & Thickskin celebrate Village Halls Week with an Online Release of Driftwood by Tim Foley


Pentabus & Thickskin are celebrating Village Halls Week with an online release of Tim Foley’s Driftwood.  Check it out below:

Available to watch for FREE
Thur 14 – Wed 27 March

Experience Driftwood: A Tale of Hope, Love, and Discovery!

Set against the evocative backdrop of Seaton Carew in the North East, follow two brothers as they confront their father’s impending demise amidst the turmoil of a decaying town. Amid familial strife and societal tensions, they are engulfed by the raw power of the sea, which holds unforeseen revelations.

Join Mark and Tiny on a poignant exploration of the beach, where they grapple with emotions and an uncertain future, while a mysterious figure made of driftwood lurks in the shadows.

Brought to life through the collaboration of Pentabus and ThickSkin, Driftwood is a compelling new play by Bruntwood Prize Winner, Tim Foley. Experience the magic of theatre at its finest!

Published: 14th March 2024