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Sharp and lively adaptation of Mick Herron’s SLOW HORSES releases APRIL 1st

The first two episodes of Slow Horses begin streaming on Apple TV+ on April 1, with additional instalments releasing weekly. Morwenna BanksJonny Stockwood & Mark Denton have contributed episodes.

Oscar winner Gary Oldman toplines in this six-episode drama as an out-of-shape, slovenly, insulting cynic who runs the small fiefdom known as “Slough House,” an outpost of British foreign intelligence where the worst spies in MI5 — the ones who have screwed up to an almost unforgivable degree — are dumped and left to never be heard from again.

“Slow Horses manages the incredible task of being a human redemption story, a genuinely funny comedy, and above all, a terrific spy saga. Apple TV+ has a hit on its hands, and unlike the sad, exiled souls of Slough House, you won’t have to look very hard to see its merits.” – Shane Ryan, Paste Magazine.

Apple has already filmed a second season, which means the finale ends with an extreme rarity for a streaming show: a full trailer for what is coming next. . .