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TRAPPED by Clive Bradley, returns Saturday on BBC4 for Series 2

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TRAPPED returns for Series 2, following a shocking attack on a politician in Reykjavik, Chief of Police Andri makes a return to his rural hometown, a place where the dark events of the past still haunt him.

Series 1 was: “Seductive, involving, gripping … I am already, thoroughly, trapped.” The Guardian

“Trapped, a superb and suspense-laden 10-part drama that made its debut on BBC Four. It was so absorbing that within five minutes I’d forgotten it was subtitled, and tried turning the volume up…. Trapped was worth watching for its chill beauty alone.” The Telegraph ★★★★

“It may well be the best of the shivery subtitled imports.” The Times ★★★★

Don’t miss the double bill of episode 1 and 2 starting this Saturday at 9pm!


Published: 13th February 2019