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Barbara Machin



Tanya Tillett

A prominent UK TV screenwriter, show-runner and crime specialist with 200 hours of transmitted television.


THE TRUTH   (10×1 ) a long-running new crime drama commissioned for Sky Atlantic via top Indie Mainstreet.

An exciting and innovative format delivering a very different narrative take on crime and offering a huge canvas long-form show.

Currently well-advanced at script stage with the team.



Barbara is the creator/writer and show runner of BBC1’s award winning crime series WAKING THE DEAD which ran for ten seasons and screened all over the world and won several nominations and finally an International Emmy for Best Drama Series in 2007.


Currently she is developing/re-creating the show to bring the refreshed franchise back to BBC 1 via BBC Studios.

And writing (5×1) WTD Prequel (THE UNFORGIVEN) to be stripped across a week ( spring 2018) for Radio 4.

A further series also under commission.



Creator and writer. A left field modern crime series inspired by the original 1700s famous thief taker, John Wilde in a villainous duo with dashing, Jack Shepard . Set in a London you’ve never encountered before this modern day male Wild and female Jack, form the love-hate Odd Couple working mercurially on both sides of the law and sexual politics.

On the Wild side and unpredictable, unprocedural .

Pilot script commissioned by LA Indie, Tenafly in conjunction with Endomol. Currently being written.



Creator and Writer. Commissioned by Keshet. Bible stage.

A long form series involving the work and the world of a

gay, female Forensic Psychologist .

“In Treatment meets Crime”.


LAB RATS  (6×1)

Creator and writer . Commissioned by Hartswood.

West Wing meets CS1.  The world of cutting edge forensics and a labyrinth of relationships. We never see the crime. But we watch it solved and lives unfold.

Story of the week within a long form relationship series.


Barbara marked medical long-runner Casualty’s 21st birthday with a guest film length Special which subsequently won her a Bafta for best work in a continuing series.


Her feature length TV work includes :  The Investigator ( Ch 4 Helen Baxendale); Devil’s Advocate (BBC1) Lena Headey and David Morrisey; Pattern Of Life

( ITV/Bafta nominated); CARLA ( ITV) Lesley Sharp , Helen McCrory.


Kiss Of Death ( BBC1) Louise Lombard, Danny Dyer.

An original crime pilot involving POV driven narrative.


Her crime adaptations include : UNSUITABLE JOB FOR A WOMAN (PD James); INSPECTOR ALLEYN (Ngaio Marsh) SERRAILER : Susan Hill.


Her crime and forensic contacts and research advisors are second to none.  

Call Tanya to discuss Barbara or other Writers

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