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Catherine Milne

About Catherine Milne

Catherine started out making television documentaries and then went on to work as crime doyenne Lynda La Plante’s Head of Research at La Plante Productions, where she picked the brains of a group of experts that included a leading Home Office Pathologist, Forensic Scientist and a Detective Inspector from the MET homicide team. She then worked in drama development at the BBC, Working Title Films, Shed Media and Daybreak Pictures.

Her first television screenplay Gift, a tragic story about a refugee mother and daughter,  was shortlisted for the BBC writers academy and Channel 4 screenwriting schemes.

She is currently working on an original television series idea, Healer, about the power of belief, with Fulwell 73 and CBS in LA.

She is also developing a short film, Set me Free, about assisted dying, which she hopes to shoot in the Spring.

Catherine’s stage work includes The Grenade, about the grenade like effects of a baby on a young marriage and Taxi Tales – A Bag for Life, the story of a Middlesbrough cab driver losing his wife to cancer, which was produced by Tamasha Theatre Company at Stockton Arts Centre.

Catherine is interested in writing character led stories that feel authentic, grounded in proper factual research and say something about who we are NOW.