Penny Ives

Author, Illustrator

Penny Ives is the author and illustrator of many beautiful children’s picture books including the children’s classic I Will Always Love You Little Bear (Little Tiger Press) and Mrs Christmas (Puffin). 

After leaving art school, Penny worked as a freelance in advertising, editorial and the greetings card industry. Penny designed a children’s set of china for Royal Worcester and produced a monthly page for the French publishing company Bayard Presse’s Pomme d’Api magazine, following a scary visit to Paris with, as Penny calls, her “dreadful French”.

Penny has worked for many children’s publishers, with titles including Millie and the Mermaid, Granny’s Quilt, Nina the Gobbledegoat and illustrations for Fox’s New Coat (all from Puffin), Five Little Ducks and Rabbit Pie (both Child’s Play Publishing), and Celestine, Drama Queen and Celestine & the Penguins (all from Templar).

Penny has also developed a delightful series of work centred around Jane Austen and her small companion, a penguin, occasionally known as Darcy. A website celebrating them was launched in 2021 and you can find out more by clicking here.

Explore the image gallery below for more of Penny’s amazing artwork.


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