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Sarah Warburton

Author, Illustrator

Sarah Warburton is an illustrator best known for her work on the Princess series (The Princess and the Peas, The Princess and the Presents, The Princess and the Giant and The Princess and the Christmas Rescue), published by Nosy Crow.

Sarah has also collaborated with Katharine Holabird on the Twinkle series (Twinkle, Twinkle Thinks Pink, Twinkle Tames a Dragon and Twinkle Makes a Wish), published by Hodder. The fourth Twinkle title was published in 2016. Twinkle Tames A Dragon was adapted into a musical by Vital Theater and was playing in NYC in 2016.

Her recent publications include the bestselling Dinosaurs in the Supermarket (Scholastic), Dinosaurs in my school (Scholastic) and My Adventure Island (Scholastic). Pirates in the Supermarket (Scholastic), written by Timothy Knapman was published in May 2017.

Sarah has also worked with Mark Sperring on Mabel and Me (Harper Collins), Max and the Won’t Go To Bed Show (Harper Collins) and Daddy Lion’s Tea Party (Harper Collins).

Sarah has also worked on The Invincibles, a series with Caryl Hart, published by Nosy Crow. The series includes Piglet Pickle, Hamster Rescue and The Beast of Bramble Woods. Sarah also worked on Peter Pan (Nosy Crow), also with Caryl Hart.

Sarah has recently worked on irreverent counting book Ten Delicious Teachers (Walker) with Ross Montgomery, which the Guardian highlighted as ‘funny and irreverent, it’s easy to imagine this one being a huge hit at school storytime.

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