Steph Lacey



Emily Smith

As a disabled neurodiverse woman who was, for quite a while, homeless, Steph brings a unique perspective to her writing and has a passion for authentic storytelling. Her work tackles social inequalities and some uncomfortable topics with lightness and humour that allow audiences into hardhitting conversations without them seeming so frightening.

Steph is currently co-writing, with Melissa Johns, an original pilot and series outline for 5Acts entitled NOT IDEAL. The series focuses on the relationship between two female friends; a non-romantic rom-com about belonging and hope in less than perfect circumstances

Steph was a contributing writer on the 2023 BBC series PHOENIX PARK.

Steph’s recent writing commissions include: We Care for Hot Coals Productions, Cinder-Chuffin-Rella and To Sleep for 53two Theatre and she has worked as a script consultant for Netflix hit, Sex Education.

Steph is nearing the end of her PhD with a thesis that explores how mothers experience homelessness and the impact homelessness has on their children’s education. Much like her writing, Steph puts the narratives and emotions of the women she spoke to at the front and centre of the research.

As an actor Steph is represented by Nicola Bolton at Nicola Bolton Management and, in the past 2 years, has been on the stage with Oliver Twist at Leeds Playhouse, Homebaked:The Musical at Liverpool’s Royal Court, and for TV she has filmed on Hollyoaks, Bridgerton and Harlan Coban’s Stay Close.

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