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Isaac Tomiczek’s HOW A CITY CAN SAVE THE WORLD opens next week in Sheffield

The Agency are delighted that the fantastic HOW A CITY CAN SAVE THE WORLD opens in the Studio Theatre at Sheffield People’s Theatre next week, written by client Isaac Tomiczek with Stockroom.

Five strangers get into a lift in Sheffield, and when the doors open, they find themselves in 2116 in the very different city of Sheffuld.

The eco-apocalypse has happened, division is rife, three-winged birds fly overhead and people seem to be getting high on cups of tea.

But an impending disaster looms and it falls to our gang from 2022 to save the day…

“How are we supposed to fix it? We’re just five idiots in a lift.”

Tickets can be purchased via the Sheffield Theatres website here.