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Writers’ Guild Awards

Congratulations to the writers who have been shortlisted for the Writers’ Guild Awards: Sarah Williams ’ POPPY SHAKESPEARE has been shortlisted for the Best Short Form TV Drama in the Writers’ Guild award. A shley Pharoahand Mick Ford’s ASHES TO ASHES has been shortlisted for the Best TV Drama Series, as has Heidi Thomas for CRANFORD, and Clive Bradley’s CITY OF VICE. Lucinda Coxon has been nominated for Best Theatre Play for HAPPY NOW? Best Soap sees Dana Fainaru, Ian Kershaw and Sebastian Baczkiewicz nominated for the 10th season of HOLBY CITY, Sally Tatchell,David Maxwell Young and Tom Higgins nominated for season 23 on THE BILL and Tracy Brabin, Jane Marlow , Helen Blakeman and Paul Coatesnominated for HOLLYOAKS.