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PENANCE starting on Tuesday 17th March, Channel 5, 9pm

Based on Kate O’Riordan‘s novel of the same name, PENANCE is a psychological thriller that follows the lives of Rosalie, played by Julie Graham, and Luke Douglas, played by Neil Morrissey, and their teenage daughter, Maddie (Tallulah Greive).

Following the loss of their son, Rosalie and Luke find their marriage under immense strain. Maddie and Rosalie find themselves in the caring hands of Nico Mirallegro’s Jed, a charming and charismatic young man that they encounter at bereavement counselling who is also suffering under the weight of his own grief. Jed rekindles a hope for the future within the Douglas household.

But underneath, a deadly and morally corrupt triangle is taking shape.

Produced by West Road Pictures in association with all3media international and GPO TV Productions, PENANCE will go out over three nights – Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th and Thursday 19th March – on Channel 5 at 9pm

Episodes 1 and 3 are written by Kate O’Riordan, episode 2 is written by Ben Morris.