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SWIMMING HOME makes the Booker shortlist

Deborah Levy’s wonderful novel has been named as one of the six books nominated on the shortlist for this yearsFull story »

Viking Boy; released 6th September 2012

s the new thrilling action and adventure story from Tony Bradman. Gunnar is the son of a Viking chieftain, livingFull story »

How To Hide A Lion; released 2nd Aug 2012

How to Hide a Lion is a funny and heartwarming tale. Where can a small girl hide a very largeFull story »

Young Merlin; released 1st September 2012

This action packed first instalment of a series plotting Merlin’s journey from his youth to his mastery of magic. MerlinFull story »

Merlin and the Ring of Power; released 1st September 2012

Merlin must find a Ring of Power in order to save the kingdom! A gripping sequel to Young Merlin, plottingFull story »

The Deadly Game; released 13th September 2012

When Jake enters his flat to find a mysterious package branded with a snake symbol, he’s certain it is linkedFull story »

Booker Prize Longlist nominees

Congratulations to Deborah Levy and Nicola Barker! SWIMMING HOME and THE YIPS both nomination. Both are wonderful reads by brilliantFull story »

IS THAT A COCONUT? YUK!; released 6th August 2012

Tony Bradman and Katharine McEwen’s new title is a fun-filled picture book for younger children. One day, a small, round,Full story »

THE LOWER RIVER; Released 31st May 2012

Paul Theroux’s latest novel explores the tragic stage of modern Africia, AIDS- ravaged and despairing in the face of creepingFull story »

SWEET TOOTH; released 21st August 2012

Ian McEwan’s new novel follows Serena Frome, the beautiful daughter of an Anglican bishop who finds herself being groomed forFull story »

THE DOTTY DALMATIAN; released 2nd Aug 2012

Anna Wilson’s next title in the magical Pooch Parlour series. Mrs Fudge hires a new assistant, but there’s something strangeFull story »

RAVEN HEARTS; released 2nd August 2012

Fiona Dunbar’s recent release is the fourth instalment in the Kitty Slade Mysteries. When Kitty goes to stay on anFull story »


Andrew Norriss’s follow up to I Don’t believe it Archie is an action-packed story, following the life of theFull story »

JUST SEND ME WORD; Released 24th May

Orlando Fige’s new novel tells the story of the relationship between two young Muscovites separated by the Second World WarFull story »