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Clara Vulliamy

Author, Illustrator

Clara Vulliamy is an illustrator and author perhaps best known for her Dixie O’Day series (Random House), aimed at children aged 5+, for which she collaborated with her mother, Shirley Hughes. Clara has also created a pre-school series, Martha and the Bunny Brothers (Harper Collins) and collaborated with James Mayhew on Bubble and Squeak (Orchard). Clara has also rejuvenated four Mary Plain titles, by author Gwynedd Rae (Egmont).

Clara has teamed up with Polly Faber on several projects including the 4-book Mango and Bambang series (Walker Books) and picture book Picking Pickle (Pavilion Children’s Books).

Clara has written and illustrated the Dotty Detective series; the sixth title The Holiday Mystery published in 2018 (HarperCollins). Her latest solo series Marshmallow Pie the Cat Superstar (HarperCollins) launches this August 2020!


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