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Natalie Walmsley



Katie Williams

Natalie is a writer, actor and drag queen. Most recently she featured in CBBC’s BAFTA winning SECRET LIFE OF BOYS playing Orc Ward and Shrimpy McPrawnbottoms. She wrote both characters and served as a team writer on series three. She also created, wrote and starred in a web series about the quarter-life crisis, THE YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, with over 250,000 views on YouTube. Watch it here.

In 2018 Natalie performed her debut solo show JASPER RED: PRESS PLAY; a self-indulgent drag queen energy healing therapist with a Britney Spears obsession. The show went on to gain critical claim at the Edinburgh Fringe. She is currently working on her 2019 Fringe show, and various original television and radio projects.

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