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Paul Angunawela

Director, Writer


Ian Benson

Paul began his career at Nickelodeon as a live studio director and producer before moving to the newly formed Paramount Comedy Channel where he assisted director Edgar Wright on various pilots before developing Bo Selecta! with Leigh Francis. The show was a huge success on Channel Four and led to a strong creative partnership between them.

Paul went on to work more with lesser-known talent, helping to bring Russell Brand, Lorraine Pascale, Morgana Robinson and Ade Adepitan to our screens. Following this he worked as a director flying around the world twice for Chrysalis TV and the World Rally Tour before returning to dry land with the Channel Four hidden camera series ‘Experimental’.

Shortly after Paul was featured alongside Robert Pattinson and Eddie Redmayne as a Screen International ‘Star of Tomorrow’.

His comedy keep-fit DVD ‘Keith Lemon’s Fit’ which he wrote, directed and co-produced sold over 100k copies and led to  Lionsgate Films hiring Paul to write and direct low budget comedy feature film ‘Keith Lemon The Film’, which was released in 2012. The film grossed 8m domestically and was a huge success winning the Loaded Magazine Comedy Film of the Year.

BBC Films commissioned Paul to write his first screenplay following the success of his short musical film ‘Library Majnu’ which was commissioned by Alan Yentob. Paul is currently developing Bollywood crossover film ‘The Dick’ with Newscope Films and the BFI and his dance comedy ‘Blame it on the Bhangra’ with Christopher Granier-Deferre at Poisson Rouge Pictures. He is also currently writing and producing a Mumbai based action thriller feature ‘Kid Unknown’ for Dev Patel (HBO’s Newsroom & Slumdog Millionaire)

Paul lives in Southall, works everywhere and supports Liverpool FC.

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