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Catch Olivia Mace’s timely & compelling play GONE FISHING at Canal Cafe Theatre: March 12-14th 7.30pm


Following sellout performances at the Vault Festival 2018, Olivia Mace‘s GONE FISHING will be performed as part of the Little Pieces of Gold and Canal Cafe Theatre festival of new plays about the ups and downs of being in and out of love. Each night features a collection of exciting, hand-picked short plays by some of the UK’s best up and coming female playwrights. The Festival is part of Canal Cafe Theatre Women in the Arts initiative to nurture and support women’s playwrighting and get their work on stage.

GONE FISHING, written and performed by Olivia Mace, directed by Eloise Lally, is a poignant and thought provoking character study on is a Magnus Whitlock, a man accused of sexual misconduct. He has resigned from his job in the home office, his wife is divorcing him and he is national laughing stock. So he has gone fishing. After weeks of media speculation, he agrees to give his side of the story in an exclusive interview. 

Published: 2nd March 2018