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Production has started on Asher Rosen’s film SMALL GODS

All at The Agency are delighted to read the announcement in Variety that filming has begun on SMALL GODS (Sovereign and Scala Productions, in association with Prestige Films), which is co-written and directed by our fantastic client Asher Rosen from his award-winning short film.

The feature film is about the landless Batwa people of Africaʼs Great Lakes Region and tells the story of Florenz, a struggling single mother, and Bizimana, a charismatic street performer. Fighting to rise above the cycle of poverty, Flo and Biza sing for international tourists. But when a crisis strikes, it threatens their growing hopes for a better future.

“Small Gods” is inspired by the lives of its two protagonists and lead actors, Florenz Mariserena and Bizimana Hussain. The Batwa have been evicted from their ancestral forests in the name of conservation. In order to eke out a living, many perform their cultureʼs songs, stories, and dances for passing tourists — the same tourists whose very presence has led to their evictions.

The cast of “Small Gods” includes Bizimana Hussain, Florenz Mariserena and Tuyi Mariserena.

Asher Rosen is represented by Hannah Boulton at The Agency (London) Ltd.