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Reviews for BROKEBACK MOUNTAIN have ridden in

Saddle-up everyone because reviews for the stage adaptation of Annie Prolux’s short story have arrived. Directed by Jonathan Butterell (Everybody’s Talking About Jamie), the show which is adapted by Ashley Robinson with songs by Composer Dan Gillespie Sells has been met with warm reviews.

Broadway World have said: “While the romance shared between Ennis (Lucas Hedges) and Jack (Mike Faist) was immortalised by the Academy-Award Winning film of the same name, it takes on an entirely new life on the stage in a stunning production directed by Jonathan Butterell” before adding that “This is a remarkable piece of intimacy direction from Tommy Ross-Williams, who was able to build upon the chemistry the two actors shared to create something truly beautiful”.

Fiona Mountford wrote for iNews: “In the interstices of the often wordless action comes Dan Gillespie Sells’s music, which sits at the soulful end of country and in its yearning beauty conveys the emotions that the characters so often cannot”.

A round-up of our favourite reviews below:

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Director Jonathan Butterell and Composer Dan Gillespie Sells are represented by Katie Haines

Intimacy Director/Coordinator Tommy Ross-Williams is represented by Maeve Bolger