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WILD SONG named Children’s Book of the Month by The Bookseller

This week’s issue of The Bookseller (9th December 2022) featured Candy Gourlay‘s upcoming YA novel Wild Song as the Book of the Month for the Children’s March 2023 previews.

Charlotte Eyre, Children’s Editor for The Bookseller, praised Wild Song, saying:

“When the terrible news about Marcus Sedgwick’s passing broke last month, someone on Twitter posted an excerpt from an interview he gave in which he said: “A successful book is one that leaves the reader in a slightly different place from where they were before they read it.” I was reminded of this quote while reading Candy Gourlay’s stunning new novel Wild Song […]Wild Song is a stunning achievement.”

Wild Song is the sequel to Candy’s acclaimed novel Bone Talk, which was shortlisted for the Carnegie Medal and Costa Award and hailed as “one of the standout titles of the year” by the Independent and one of the Times’ Books of the Year, described as “very special”.

Wild Song is set in the year 1904. The Philippines is under American rule, and Luki’s mountain village is changing in every way, except what a young woman can do. The ancients forbid Luki from hunting, even though she is a better hunter than any man. And soon, they will want her to marry whether she wants to or not. Then comes an invitation from President Theodore Roosevelt: to visit the World’s Fair in St. Louis, Missouri. The ancients say no, but Luki leaps at the chance. She wants to see the great white palaces and wonders of the Fair . . . and she wants to be free.

But Luki will discover that the land of opportunity is not at all what she expects…

Wild Song is set to publish 2nd March 2023, from David Fickling Books.

Click here to view Candy’s full author page.