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Susie Conklin



Emily Hickman

Susie Conklin


ELEANOR OF AQUITANE, Playground Entertainment
Created by and Lead Writer
Adaptation of books by Alison Weir

Television – Writing and Created by Credits:

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES (Series 2), Bad Wolf for Sky One
Executive Producer and Lead Writer
Adaptation of best-selling fantasy novels the ‘All Souls Trilogy’
Writer of 2 x 60’ episodes for Bad Wolf/Sky

THE MUSKETEERS (Series 1 & 2) 2013/4
Writer of 3 x 60’ episodes, plus series bible for BBC

CRANFORD (Series 1 & 2) 2007-9
Series Co-creator (with Sue Birtwistle) for BBC
(Series written by Heidi Thomas)

Television – Writing Projects developed include:

HIGHER GROUND (Red Productions)
Treatment/storylines for original series

1 x 60’ pilot adaptation

SANDITON (Newman Street/Fremantle for ITV)
Series bible and 1 x 60’ pilot script

THE FRANCHISE AFFAIR (Red Productions for ITV)
1 x 90’ adaptation of the novel by Josephine Tey

RULES OF ATTRACTION (Tightrope Productions for BBC)
1 x 60’ pilot/storylines for original series

ELEANOR (Tightrope Productions for BBC)
Original screenplay for Comic Relief film

Film – Writing Projects developed include:

Original screenplay for 2AM Films

Original spec screenplay

Television – Executive Producer/Script Executive:

A DISCOVERY OF WITCHES (Series 1), 2017/8
Story Producer, Bad Wolf for Sky One

CRANFORD (Series 1 & 2), 2007-9
Script Executive and bible co-writer (with Sue Birtwistle), BBC

Executive Producer, 2AM TV for BBC

MINDER, 2008
Executive Producer for Five/Talkback Thames

Prior to becoming a screenwriter, Susie script edited a number of successful television series including STATE OF PLAY, PRIDE AND PREJUDICE, THE SECOND COMING, SWORD OF HONOUR, WIVES & DAUGHTERS, BETWEEN THE LINES and BAND OF GOLD. She also co-wrote (with Sue Birtwistle) several books including the best-selling companion book THE MAKING OF PRIDE AND PREJUDICE.

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