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First Look Images for Series 2 of THE RESPONDER


All at The Agency would like to pass on our congratulations to Tony Schumacher for Series 2 of THE RESPONDER. The BBC have released first look images of the thriller new series of the acclaimed drama, starring Martin Freeman, ahead of its launch on the BBC and BBC iPlayer

Emily Fairn as Casey. She sits cross-legged on a bench wearing a denim jacket and blue frilly skirt.

Image: Dancing Ledge/Rekha Garton

Martin Freeman as Chris in The Responder series 2. He stands, head bowed, looking at the ground at night. Behind him there are blurred vehicles and lights.

Image: Dancing Ledge/Rekha Garton

Adelayo Adedayo as Rachel. She emerges from a police car in uniform, looking back over her shoulder.

Image: Dancing Ledge/Rekha Garton

Josh Finan as Marco. He looks back at something, wearing a baseball cap and a black shirt.

Image: Dancing Ledge/Rekha Garton


Tony Schumacher is represented byΒ Simon BlakeyΒ at The Agency (London) Ltd.

Published: 8th March 2024